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Agreement for Professional Investigative Services
1. The undersigned, do hereby agree to employ the services of Premier Investigative Consultants, LLC. a private investigator, duly licensed in the State of Ohio, for the purpose of attempting to:

2.Additional investigation at the rate of _________ p/hr
It is agreed and understood that we shall be solely responsible for the compensation to said investigator at the hourly rate of
$__________ hour per investigator plus expenses and mileage at the rate of .55 cents per mile incurred during or arising from the investigation. The taking of depositions and court ordered testimony shall be considered part of the investigation and payable at the same rate. Rates start from portal to portal. Retainer is non-refundable. All surveillance requires 4-hour minimum charge.

3. Any amounts or expenses incurred above the retainer fee of $ __________ shall be due and payable immediately upon notice. In the event of default in payment of sums due hereunder and if the agreement is placed in the hands of an attorney at law, or small claims, or collection, It is agreed we, will pay all costs of collection including time spent in court, at the same rate of $ ________ per hour. This includes but not limited to any reasonable attorney’s fees. Payments arriving after the due date will be considered late and a service charge of 1.5% per month (compounded monthly) of the balance due will be charged to the client. Client consents to collection jurisdiction in the State, or County of P.I.C choice. Initial X___________.

4. In consideration of the forgoing terms and conditions, it is understood that said investigator shall use his best efforts to investigate this matter set forth above. It is understood results cannot be guaranteed. Compensation to P.I.C shall not be based on results. We here by agree to allow said investigator to conduct the investigation at its sole discretion via any lawful means he/she deems appropriate.

DISCLOSURE 5. In the course of an investigation, P.I.C. may use and rely upon information obtained from a variety of sources, including judicial and other public records, the Internet, prior employers and private investigators, to name a few. Although P.I.C. endeavors to utilize sources of information known for reliability and timeliness, we cannot, and do not, warrant or guarantee the accuracy of any information used in compiling our reports, nor the accuracy of any report based, in whole or in part, on such information. Further, by contracting for any of our services, you expressly acknowledge (a) that P.I.C. does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information used in the preparation of its reports, and (b) that you waive and release P.I.C. from and in respect of any and all claims, demands, and causes of action, of whatsoever kind or nature, based on the accuracy or inaccuracy of any information obtained by P.I.C.  from any third party or source and any recommendation made by P.I.C. with reference thereto. You should further understand that Federal and state laws and regulations require that anyone requesting a background report regarding a third party must have a permissible and legitimate reason for doing so. By contracting for any service which may require P.I.C. to obtain information regarding any third party, you warrant and represent to P.I.C. that you have a legitimate and permissible purpose in requesting us to obtain such information on your behalf. I have read all of the above and understand all the terms and conditions. X Initial ___________ Client authorizes P.I.C. to charge clients credit card in the amount of $ ______ for investigative services. _________X. ANY CHANGES OR ALTERATIONS TO THIS CONTRACT BY CLIENT (S) SHALL VOID THIS CONTRACT IN ITS ENTIRETY.

Date: Investigator_______________________________

Client: ____________________________________

Print Name: _____________________________________ Address: ___________________________City __________

State ________ Zip_____________ Social Security # ______ __ _______ Phone: ____________________________

Credit Card: ___Visa / ___MasterCard: Credit Card # __________________________________________Exp _____/____

Billing Address: ___________________________________ and Zip_______________