services overview

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of services which can be tailored toward each individual clients specific needs. Please review the listing of services on this page and contact us today to futher discuss your needs and rest assured knowing every transmission is secure and confidential. We are confident we can assist you with any type of investigation.

At P.I.C. we strive to provide you with the very best results and products in the investigative industry coupled with superior customer service. The majority of our services are offered nationwide and we take pride in providing you with the same stellar service no matter where you reside. If and when you need us to testify to our findings, you can feel confident P.I.C. has you covered with a flawless investigation and 100% accuracy. We pride ourselves on being virtually undetectable throughout all of our investigations and never will we compromise ourselves our clients or any investigation. We look forward to serving you.

Exiting customers may log in via our homepage to submit new cases/info, or submit case information/details to the following email address which is monitored 24/7:









Services List

  • Insurance Investigations Insurance Fraud Investigations

    • Witness Locating and Interviewing
    • Statements Recorded & Signed
    • Workers’ Compensation Investigations
    • Court records retrieval & research
    • Full service property and casualty Investigations
    • Life and Health Investigations
    • Alive & Well Checks/ Activities checks
    • Beneficiary interviews
    • Claimant Home Interviews
    • Social Network Investigation
    • Neighborhood Canvass
    • Emergency Services Reports
    • Accident Scene Investigations
    • Surveillance
    • Background Checks/tailored to your needs

    SIU Services

  • Litigation Support

    • Asset Searches
    • Debtor Locating
    • Civil Investigations
    • Criminal Investigations
    • Personal Injury Investigations
    • Witness Locating and Interviewing
    • Undercover Operations
    • Surveillance
    • Domestic/ Spousal Investigative Surveillance Services


  • Public Record Investigations
    • DMV Records
    • Criminal History
    • Property Ownership
    • Bankruptcy filings
    • Marriage/Divorce Records
    • Criminal/Civil Litigation Filings
    • Fictitious Business Name Filings 
    • Drivers licenses
    • Registered motor vehicles
    • Professional licenses
    • Hunting/fishing licenses
    • Voter registration
    • UCC Filings
    • Sex offender search
    • Concealed weapons
    • Associates/relative